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Guidance and Support for
Professional & Personal Change

I have, at times in my life, chosen a path of change, and many times, change has happened to me.
I know that how we move forward through change, even intentional change can be a bit harrowing.



Executive Coaching

For leaders and executives wanting to up their game and make effective changes in their leadership, their jobs or careers.

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Personal Coaching

For anyone seeking a “next chapter” in his/her life or trying to navigate and respond to unexpected, unwelcome change, and wanting to take purposeful steps forward.

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For entrepreneurs and leaders who want coaching with leadership and strategy as well as focused attention on their objectives, processes, teams and results.

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“My sessions with Susan have helped me develop greater clarity and confidence in my daily work.”

Juliet C. – CFO and solo-preneur consultant

I excel at helping people improve and survive ‘now’, while we plan for and make adjustments for a better future you are excited about creating.